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Detailed introduction

Multiwell receiver ct-5080a

CT series well transducer is a seismic observation technology based on vertical seismic profile, which is mainly used for seismic wave reception in drilling.


The product is suitable for drilling Wells with a diameter of 60~150mm and a geophone in water depth range of 1.5 ~ 200 meters, which can achieve a non-contact test method with the borehole wall without the need for mechanical wall sticking method to ensure the coupling between the geophone and the borehole wall, and can more truly reflect the seismic signal. The whole product adopts polyurethane sealing process.

Technical index

Frequency response characteristics: 10Hz-20kHz

Receiving sensitivity: 0.1-0.4 mV/Pa or -200-188dB

(Note 0 dB = 1 V/u Pa)

Built-in preamplifier, power supply voltage: DC12V (50 mA per unit)

Water pressure: 2 MPa

Shape diameter: 40 mm

Cable diameter: 9.5 mm

Channel Number: 1-12

Channel spacing: 1000 mm or customized

Total length of cable: 200 m

Diameter range: 60-150 mm

Use water depth: 1.5-200 M

Temperature: 0-30 ℃


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